HIV & the new twist in my spiritual evolution

OK, hope you are sitting down, because this one is gonna be a total A.D.D. post…..

You may recall my last blog relating to my spiritual evolution.  I think I may have even referenced this one youtube video that really helped me gain some insight on some very confusing concepts for me:

Then, I came across this lady and really feel head over heels:

Dolores Cannon really resonated with me for some reason.  I mean, here is this older woman, just plainly saying what she has to say.  She has no hidden agenda.  She has no glitz or glam to ramble on about.  She simply is just sharing her experience with an audience.  About four years ago (and I’ve blogged about this before in the past), I started falling down the rabbit hole of wanting to understand more of what I couldn’t see, however felt in my heart.  Now that sounds like some hippy shit right there!  I guess you could say I was a bit of a conspiracy theorist for a while.  Then it shifted into just plain wanting to know the truth; how the hell were the pyramids built?  what and where in the hell are UFO’s coming from and why does the government hide shit from us?  why do people see ghosts?  why are there so many different religions, what is hell, what is heaven, is the book of revelations really true?  The list went on and on-

I can recall about a year ago, when one of my spiritual guides told me a story about a lady friend he had.  This lady friend told him in secrecy, about this alien being that would come down and visit her from time to time.  This lady friend only confided in my spiritual guide, and refrained from even telling about this ‘encounter’ to her husband and children, in fear that they might consider her 51-50 (aka insane!).  he recommended I check out a book about an alien abduction by Michael Crichton (same author of Jurassic Park).  I distinctly remember my logical, rational brain thinking, “yeah… that’s pretty out there dude.  but maybe I’ll check it out”.

Anyway, over the past year, as I was introduced to more concepts, encounters, and people such as “The teachings of Abraham”, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, as well as JZ Knight and Ramtha…. to truth seekers and websites such as “Project Camelot” and ‘spirit science’ and ‘’, to interviews with people like “Bob Dean”, and “David Icke” to who is now my favourite author, Stuart Wilde.  You see, we are conditioned from birth to live in the matrix.  To conform.  Anything that we do that is outside the norm, anything that is not sex in a missionary position, is considered to be ‘weird’, and ‘unacceptable’.  we’ve been conditioned to regurgitate facts from the left side of our brain.  our history books have been re-written.  I could go on, and on, and on.

This concept of “new age”, and all the philosophy behind it, I buy-  From books that I’ve mentioned before, I’ve finally hit a point in my spiritual path, that all the pieces are starting to connect and it’s amazing.  I’m starting to see how people are conditioned to find themselves as victims and how humans are conditioned to live in pain and suffering.

I have a really close friend who recently told me he was diagnosed with HIV.  I was shocked for the first 10 seconds, then quickly realised that this is part of his path.  I believe that before we even come out the womb, that we have already chosen what our path/destiny is going to be in our current lifetime.  I told him, that before he was born into this world, that it was decided that he’d contract HIV at this point in his life.  It was his destiny.  HOWEVER, what he chose to do with this destiny, was UP TO HIM.  As humans, we have free will.  Now, he could either A.) see himself as a victim, and go through life feeling sorry for himself.  or B. ) see himself as a teacher, and using this unseen ‘gift’ to go around schools all over the world, warning the young about the effects of HIV, and how they can keep from contracting it.  He could possibly change the world if he set out to do just that-

I told him that we have been conditioned to associate the term HIV as something gross, negative, scary, and not socially acceptable.  Him telling me the hardest thing he had to do, was get on the phone and tell the past two women he’d slept with, that they had to go get tested ‘today’, like… right now-

I was very proud of him for being so brave.  I couldn’t imagine having to dig that deep and inform someone that I might of transmitted this onto them, because we are conditioned to be full of shame and guilt for carrying around such a label.  However deadly if untreated, HIV is just a deficiency in the immune system.  It’s not like his dick is about to fall off, and is seeping a bunch of unspeakable liquids from the top of it.  Does that make sense?

Man- I went all over the map with this blog.  I guess what I’m trying to say, is to keep an open mind.  It’s taken me four years of hearing bits and pieces here and there, along the way, of what ‘might be’  “the truth”.  Where do we go when we die?  What’s it all worth?  What is this term “human experience”?  What is ‘bad’, what is ‘good’?  Is there even such a thing?  Or is it all just “as is”?  does a past even exist, and what about a future?  is all that there really is, is just this moment?

How do you feel after reading this blog?  Do you feel your ‘rational brain’ trying to argue with the words…. trying to make sense of it all?  Or do you find yourself excited to see what is going to happen next in our human evolution?  has it already started to happen?  I think so-

To all of you that are onboard reading this; I thank you for keeping an open mind.  I thank you for always doing your best; I thank you for being part of my ‘human experience’.  For your next blog, I PROMISE a photo, lol.  I’ve got another really good blog on the way.

One love!




  1. jn says:

    Pyramids were built on the backs of thousands of slaves. UFOS were trumped up by the gov to coverup certain projects. Some say it’s also to serve as a distraction.

  2. Karen says:

    I believe in God. I believe that this is an amazing life full of amazing people and experiences. I have an open mind because I know that the possibilities in this life and the next are endless. I believe we are all brothers and sisters and our experiences good and bad exist so that we can learn from it and teach with it. Every moment is a miracle and the future is bright.

  3. Jul says:

    As a European citizen, I’m always amazed at how many US citizens say they saw / found about UFOs. Is there some kind of UFO landing zone in the US? LOL
    Anyway, on this topic, I’d like to quote Jodie Foster in “Contact” (awesome movie, go watch it):
    “The universe is big. Bigger than anyone can ever imagine. If there’s only us out there… Well it’s an awful waste of space, isn’t it?”

    As you said, “keep an open mind”. But don’t swallow all things because they look nice, think a little by yourself, make your own opinion. Your life is what you make of it, as they say: “real courage is when life makes you fall 99 times, you raise a 100 times.”

  4. Rhys says:

    Wow, I watched both of those videos last night, very interesting/entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time. I am definitely going to look up more shit on this.

    Thanks for sharing the links! I love your take on this stuff Kortney.

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