how to headbutt and Larry Wick

Well….. heard back from a martial art legend this afternoon.  Larry Wick is the founder of many different self defense systems, as well as a world renowned martial artist.  The way I had heard about him, was actually from my brother and his daughter, my niece.  As most of you know, they were both out here (along with my 11 year old nephew) visiting from California, up until yesterday morning when I dropped them off at the airport.  One morning last week, I took my niece with me to my private grappling session.  On the drive home, she was enthusiastically telling me about this Larry Wick fella, and how he was such ‘bad-ass dude’.  She kept referring to his art as ‘magic’.  Then it dawned on me… I suddenly recalled my Brother telling me about this same guy a couple of years ago, shortly after he and my niece both had gone to one of his workshops. is one of Master Wick’s site.  After chatting with my family about how rad this guy is, I got on his website, and did what any good natured Aussie would do; I invited him down!  But wait… I’m not really Aussie now am I!  : )

I didn’t really expect to hear back from the man, seeing that A. I don’t set my expectations very high for things like this nowadays, and B. I assumed he’d be extremelly busy.  Well, it would seem that I keep having to tell myself DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS JACKASS!  because sure as a bear shits in the woods, a few days later, there was his response in my inbox!

I consider myself to be beyond blessed.  I have world champion trainers and fighters in my network.  From Richard Norton, and Sam Greco, to George and Con, Joa and now possibly Wick?  I’m estatic to see what comes of this year.  Even though I’m still stressed out about all the conspiracy stuff I’ve been taking in the past week, I decided that my website’s focus is health and WELLNESS!!!  Not health and STRESS THE FU*K OUT-NESS : )  I will however continue to post important information as I come across it.

I was just about to put my laptop down and hit the sack (it’s only 8:20pm!!), until I realized that I hadn’t mentioned the headbutting tip!  If you are  ever in a situation where you need to headbutt someone, make sure you strike the person your about to drill, below their eyes.  If you headbutt the other person above their eyes, then it merely becomes a challenge of who has the stronger cranium.  However, if you strike below the eyes, you will win every time.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Have you practiced your 5 mins of mediation today?  I wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for my reiki appointment!  I got an entire 45 minutes in!



  1. Jay Nugg says:

    Duuuuuude! I just spent like 30 minutes at the bar talking about how to headbutt. ESPNNNNNNNN!

    I know just what you mean about not expecting to hear back from people *wink*

  2. Daniel in Man Mateo says:

    Kortney, you keep mentioning your brother being interested in conspiracy theories…. may be he should read this article, originally published in one of the last issues of Newsweek Magazine. Here’s a link
    Take care Princess

  3. Kortney says:

    I’ll read it then forward it to him :) great to see you on here love!

  4. Jack Kness says:

    Hello Kortny, Larry Wick mentioned to me that he had corrosponded with an Aussie recently. I checked out your website and got a surprise-you don’t have an Australian accent.Oh and your a girl .Not a slam about the girl part.He just said a body builder in Austrialia.Anyway, is your brother from the Humbolt area?Larry tells me he has several promising students from there and has a seminar upcoming.You are right about Larry being busy,but he will take the time to talk to people showing an interest in Split Second.By the way, Split Second Survival is not an art, nor is it”magic”.It’s more of a concept with precepts that allow you to do”things” that look like magic. While there are basic moves,they are just to get your brain wired into the concepts.If you get a chance, Black Belt magazine did a story a couple of years ago that did a nice job of trying to explain how it works. Thank you for expressing an interest. Jack Kness,Split Second Survival Instructor. P.S. We had to cancel an ice fishing trip last weekend -a bit too cold at -48F here in Fairbanks.

  5. Jerry Kerwin says:

    Sad to say Larry Wick passed away the other day to medical complications. I knew Larry for many years. We grew up together. We started in Karate together many, many years ago and spent many a hour sparring, working out and etc. A great man and he will be missed by many. However, he has left his mark in the world and many, many people will remember him always. He may be gone but will certainly will be remembered and never be forgotten.

  6. Kortney says:

    Hi Jerry! Thank you for your comment. I only just learned of this myself a few weeks ago. I never had the opportunity to meet Larry, but we were semi keyboard pen-pals for a while. I loved how he always signed off, “stay safe”. Thank you for sharing <3 and great work on leaving off with the truth and positive upside

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